Skaters Tales of the Transitine / 2 In the desolate isolation of space floats an ice world that is home to the only inhabitants, a small nomadic tribe struggling for survival. Near starvation they shelter in the relative comfort and safety of their sailing raft The Maudlin, skimming the deadly ice under the wise guidance of their leader, the Navigator. His rule is strict, as the unforgiving environment and lack of food make any mistakes very costly.

Tribal customs mandate that all members have their role to play in supporting the survival of the tribe. The men and boys work the masts, sails, and tasks requiring metal tools, such as blacksmithing and butchering. The women and girls are the teachers, the healers, and, most importantly, the skaters. Every day and every night a team of skaters must be on the ice, both to find a safe path for the Maudlin, and to hunt the waalib, their main source of food, oil, bone, and other raw materials. Without these enormous beasts the tribe would surely die, yet they are extremely rare. Why? Young Maya, only twelve years old, thinks she has the answer, but can she get anyone to listen?

So young the Navigator won't even allow her in the training pool, Maya has broken tribal law by secretly teaching herself how to skate; already the best skater in the tribe, she must now convince others in her fight with the Navigator to let her on the ice. Will it be Zigrit, the Master Skater, or Sonder, the former master and now the tribe's skating teacher? Follow Maya on her quest to save her tribe!
Available: Summer 2017
Category: Fantasy
For ages: All ages
Keywords: Fantasy, Survival, Alien World, Tribe, Coming of Age
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