Gloater's Stop Tales of the Transitine / 3 A civil war in a city state, all confined to one monumental building, an artifact of an alien civilization reaching far into the heavens, tall enough to be a space elevator.

The upper mile of this technological wonder is known as Ascension, and it is crowned with the planet's only space port. So whoever controls the building, controls the world, but to do that one must first gain control of Ascension - all five hundred floors of it.

For centuries, the elite ruling classes (called the Scions) living in the palatial suites of Ascension have never concerned themselves with the Lowlies thanks mainly to the defenses of the building itself: it is governed by an alien artificial intelligence which has only one law, not the usual Protect and Serve the inhabitants, but rather, Protect and Serve itself. No weapons, no explosives, no war can come to this building, it simply terminates anyone foolish enough to try with such trivial ease that it hasn't been attempted in decades.

Just after lunch, hundreds of miles away in one of the small outlying cities, a lonely man boards a maglev train determined to change everything. He will risk his life and those of many others on his journey. What secret compels him to start a civil war? How will he succeed? Join him on his ride to the station with the space port: Gloater's Stop.
Available: Summer 2019
Category: Science fiction
For ages: Teenage to adult
Keywords: Science Fiction, Civil War, Space Elevator, Artificial Intelligence
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